Fishing Report – September 24, 2013

SVMG Guide Morgan Buckert at Silver Creek

Its fall on Silver Creek, which means two things; one, that it’s going to be beautiful down there, and two; that the fishing’s going to be great all day. Expect to see size 22-24 Baetis from mid-morning well into the afternoon.  More and more Mahogany Dun’s come out every day, and mid-afternoon Callibaetis abound.  With […]

Fishing Report – September 10th


Last week I worried that the Big Wood was becoming very low and clear, now we have exactly the opposite problem; dense, dark ash, runoff from the Beaver Creek fire.  It looks bleak now, but the Wood will recover.  Even so, this is a good time to fish somewhere else.  The fish in the Wood […]

Fishing Report – August 28, 2013


Large portions of the Big Wood may re-open this week, and if that happens, fisherman will find the water very low and clear.  Low and clear doesn’t mean un-fish able, in fact, it can mean really concentrated fish.  However they’ll be spooky and tougher than normal to fool.  Try a long, light leader, smaller fly, […]

Fishing Report – August 12, 2013


The Big Wood’s precipitous fall in flows has evened out, and the river is at an amazing level for fishing – enough water to have nice fish-holding seams and riffles, and deep, green pools.  There’s a fair number of early morning Trico’s on the ‘Wood, though the fish are as likely to eat a size […]

Fishing Report August 6th – By Paddy McIlvoy


      The Trico-swarm madness continues on Silver Creek.  If you’ve never seen a hatch so dense you can hear the insect’s wings, this is your chance.  Right now, the majority of the hatch is centered on the Silver Creek Preserve, with variable to weak hatches on the Double R Ranch, and the downstream stretches […]

Fishing Report – June 29, 2013

Sun Valley Mountain Guides' Paddy McIlvoy

The weather may be cooling down a bit, but the fishing is staying hot! Dawn is bringing out huge clouds of tricos on silver creek from point of rocks, all the way to the top of the preserve, with a good mix of pmd’s and baetis thrown in.  Stay out into the afternoon for damsel-flies […]

Fishing Report – July 22, 2013


It’s summer. Full on, bright, hot summer. The heat brings with it some of the most anticipated hatches of the season, and the greatest variety of quality fishing. The Big Wood is best early and late in the day. Though there are Pink Albert’s Flavs, and (the first few) Trico’s hatching, this is the season […]

Fishing Report – July 5, 2013

Sun Valley Mountain Guides' Paddy McIlvoy

We’re right in the middle of prime early season fishing on Silver Creek.  Expect a mix of baetis (sometimes in substantial numbers -see attached video) and Pale Morning Dun’s.  Of course the word on every Silver Creek fisherman’s lips is “Trico’s”.  There’s a few around (not many yet), but if our HOT temperatures they could […]

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Free weekly Fly-Casting Clinics with Sturtevants & Sun Valley Mountain Guides every Tuesday night all summer!  All abilities welcome! Come for an introduction to fly casting or work to perfect your arc with Sun Valley Mountain Guides’ fly-fishing experts. Tuesday nights 6-7pm, Atkinson’s Park in Ketchum. No pre-registration required, bring your rod or use one […]

Fishing Report & Reopening of Sturtevants Main Street in Ketchum!

Jim Santa's incredible steelhead catch!  Photo by Brad Kane

We’re off and running as this past weekend marked the official opening of fishing on Idaho’s rivers and streams. The report from Silver Creek was quite positive with decent pmd hatches and fish rising to pmd patterns and beetles. Warm Springs fished well with stonefly nymphs and even fish taking dry patterns such as parachute […]