Celebrating 70 Years of Happy Holidays

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Founded in 1948, Sturtevants turned 70 years old this year. Wow! It is only with the support of today’s (and yesterday’s) amazing customers that 70 years is possible. THANK YOU!!! It is not uncommon at Sturtevants to be reminded of this when a grandparent brings a grandchild into the shop and lets them know that ‘Sturtevants was my first ski shop too’. Like the great customers who made 70 years happen, a well-deserved thank you also goes to the passionate employees, owners, and associates that worked so hard over the years to get us where we are today. Those that I know, from my 21 years at Sturtevants, make up a legendary cast of characters that I am proud to call friends!

It is humbling to advance this legacy of a nationally recognized ski, bike, and outdoor shop with a storied history and to do so in this awesome outdoor community tops it all. To the best of our knowledge, we are the second oldest business in Ketchum, after the Casino. We think it speaks to The Valley’s spirit that the two oldest businesses in Ketchum have survived by facilitating fun. While many things have changed in The Valley (and the retail landscape) over the last 70 years, we think that fun and excellent customer service will never go out of style. So, we invite YOU, and the generations to come, to join us as we continue to ski, bike, and live for another 70 years!

From the Sturtevants Team, we sincerely wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!



1948: Chuck Helm opens ‘Helm of SV’ ski shop on Sun Valley Road.

1965: Fred Sturtevant (Durango, CO) buys and renames the company, and moves the shop from Sun Valley Road, to the current Main Store location – formerly known as the Wooden Spur Saloon.

1972: Fred sells to a Seattle group which opens a shop in Bellevue, WA

1974ish: Seattle Group splits ownership. Rand Ginn and Brian Smith take ownership of Sturtevants in Ketchum.

1982: Alex Orb & Rob Santa buy Sturtevants from Rand Ginn and Brian Smith.

1987: Opening of Sturtevants Warm Springs

1997: Opening of Sturtevants Hailey (formerly Hearthstone Restaurant) Opening of Sturtevants Rental and Cycle Haus (formerly The Burger Haus)

2001: Rob Santa buys out Alex Orb.

2013: Olin Glenne and Ben Jacobson buy Sturtevants from Rob Santa.

2019: It snowed and snowed and snowed…