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Crisane_CookHockey Buyer and Purchasing Manager

On a team like the one we have at Sturtevants of Sun Valley, every employee works hard and everyone does their part.  To say this about Crisane Cook would be an understatement.  In the 20 years that Crisane has worked for Sturtevants, she has become the glue that holds it all together.

A 37 year resident of the Wood River Valley, Crisane has been instrumental in Sturtevants staying organized and on track through changing times.  Whether it’s keeping the warehouse and inventory in order, buying new gear, or just lending a considerate and helping hand, Crisane is our master of multitasking.

Being a hockey mom, and her son Billy being a former goalie for the Suns, Crisane loves being in charge of retail hockey at Sturtevants.  Although she now primarily works in our office, she has always been a presence on the retail floor, fittingly voted Best In the Valley for Customer Service, no doubt with the help of Crisane’s concern for the customer and attention to detail.

Its hard to believe that with all the time and effort that Crisane puts in for Sturtevants, she ends her work day and goes straight into another as a server at Rickshaw.  When Crisane has free time, she enjoys spending it with her son Billy and her husband Willy Cook, a local photographer whose photos are pervasive in local publications.

Crisane also enjoys her time skiing on Baldy as much as the rest of the Wood River Valley residents, as well as spending time at Redfish Lake during the summer.  Crisane is a face you can expect to see at Sturtevants day in and day out.  She brings an element of teamwork that is essential to our success, and the entire Sturtevants family thanks her for her years of hard work and caring for Sturtevants and every one of its customers and employees.  Thanks Crisane!