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KateDonderoAssistant Apparel Buyer

Kate Dondero is a life long local of the Wood River Valley, born in 1984 in the original St. Moritz hospital in Sun Valley.  “Sun Valley has been my home base all my life. My dad is from San Fran and my mother from Seattle. They have been coming here their whole life and met in Sun Valley.”  Kate has two older brothers, and her father started Eye Safety Systems in Ketchum.

Like many of the born and raised locals here, Kate is adventurous, and after she graduated from the University of Oregon, she moved to Sydney, Austrailia.  In her mid 20’s, Kate resided in San Diego for three years before returning to Sun Valley 2 years ago.

Although Kate is now Sturtevants full time softgoods buyer, she hopes to spend time getting more involved in the community, especially with the Wood River YMCA, Bald Mountain Rescue Fun, and Higher Ground Sun Valley.

With Kate’s recent return to her hometown, she is looking to explore a background that she is not entirely familiar with.  “I enjoy the idea that I have my whole life to figure out every new adventure. I know what it is like in a city but have also seen what Sun Valley has to offer. I have grown up to watch my family business grow into a great success while getting the experience first hand of what hard work looks like and the dedication and risk it takes to get there. Some call me outgoing and some just call me strange, but there is one thing I know about myself: I am not boring.”

Kate loves the outdoor and adventure, which is almost a given if you were raised in the Wood River Valley.  She loves getting up on Baldy for some turns, and of course the après ski with friends.  Kate grew up ski racing and she is looking forward to getting more involved in Nordic skate skiing.

In the summer she spends time at the family cabin on Pettit Lake where “the hikes and lake activities are endless.”  From road/mountain biking, to tennis, Kate loves to do it all, and thoroughly enjoys her long summer days.

Kate is engaged to Carter Minor, and they plan to get married this July in Gimlet.  We are very happy and excited to add such an outgoing and dedicated person to our Sturtevants team, and we look forward to what the future holds for Kate and our entire Sturtevants family.  “I have worked in many stores and along side the owners and managers to achieve success.  In Sun Valley we have found a niche in the fashion/adventure department that we lack in town. There are a lot of talented/experienced residents, part time homeowners and tourist that come to Sun Valley. My job is to put them in a gear that will elevate their performance while still looking good!”