Bike Shop Services & Repair

Sturtevants offers a full range of bike services and prompt turnaround time, with a “No Excuses” guarantee on all our work. From the simplest repairs to custom tweaks, our certified mechanics are dedicated to smoothing your ride!

Parts are not included in the cost of the tune.
Fox Creek TuneAdjust brakes & gears, clean, lube, safety check$34
Green Horn TuneFox Creek plus bearing adjustments & wheel truing$49
Fisher Creek Performance TuneGreen Horn plus complete drivetrain cleaning & wheel tensioning$74
Red Warrior OverhaulStrip bike to frame & replace parts as needed, replace & grease all bearings$110
Cold Springs Flat RepairInspect & replace tube/tire/rim strip. Tube not included$5
Individual AdjustmentsBrakes, gears, headset, etc.$5-15
Individual OverhaulsHub, bottom bracket, headset, etc.$15-25
Disk BleedBleed & adjust disk brakes. Fluid included$20
InstallationsComputers, racks, etc.$15
Wheel BuildLace, tension, true. Spokes extra.$30
Hourly Surgical FeesSuspension, disk systems, unique repairs$60 / hr
Minimum Labor ChargeAnything that goes into the work stand$10