Conditions Report – January 28, 2014

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Seattle RidgeAs the first month of the new year comes to a close, we can’t help but feel grateful for one thing: SNOWMAKING!  Despite the lack of snow in the west this season, the conditions and the skiing in Sun Valley are awesome.

The best snowmaking and groomers in the world are delivering the goods and Ketchum is the place to be for a winter adventure.  Even though we do crave a snow storm, with the little snow in the west and inversions in most of the cities, we are living large.


We have had bluebird day after bluebird day, and the temps drop at night to deliver fantastic snow conditions for groomer skiing the next morning.

Skiing is not the only activity thats thriving this winter in Wood River Valley; the fishing is excellent, as is the nordic skiing, and because of bare ground in many places, hiking and biking opportunities abound.  Although we do wish for snow we can’t complain, as the sun is out, the skiing is great, and we live in a beautiful place!

Finally, it looks like the weather patterns are changing to our first southerly flow of the winter, and of course the southerly flow is the best flow for snow!

BaldySmooth sailing on the groomers in Sun Valley – January 2014

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