Fishing Report – August 28, 2013

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Large portions of the Big Wood may re-open this week, and if that happens, fisherman will find the water very low and clear.  Low and clear doesn’t mean un-fish able, in fact, it can mean really concentrated fish.  However they’ll be spooky and tougher than normal to fool.  Try a long, light leader, smaller fly, and a cautious approach.

Even if the majority of the ‘Wood doesn’t re-open, we’ve still got lots of water to play with, and Silver Creek is at the top of the list.  Trico’s are tapering off, though a warm, sunny morning can still make for great Trico spinner falls.  What we’re loosing in Tricos, we’re gaining in Callibaetis and Baetis.  The really good news is that means you can sleep in a tiny bit later.  Expect to see Baetis mid-morning and Callibaetis early in the afternoon.  The evening fishing remains strong, and it’s a good time to experiment with some streamers if nothing else is going on.

Over Trail Creek Pass, on the Big Lost, fishing has really picked up in the upper river.  Like the Big Wood, it’s getting low, but they feel fall coming, and the need to feed is strong.  There’s lots of Hoppers out on the upper lost, and prospecting the deep pockets with a hopper will find some fish.

The Lower Lost continues to be amazing.  Silver Creek fish numbers, Big Wood fish brains.  Look for Tricos early and midge-pupa eating fish later in the day.

Thanks again to all our firefighters, who kept us able to keep fishing!

– Fishing Report by SVMG Guide Paddy McIlvoy

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