Happy 75th Birthday Sun Valley!

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Today marks the 75th anniversary of the opening of Sun Valley Resort!

December 21, 1936 was an unusually warm and dry day in Sun Valley – similar to this year’s slow start to the ski season.  However, skiers in Sun Valley this week are the lucky beneficiaries of the past 75 years of skiing innovation, particularly in the area of artificial snow making.  Although we have yet to see the benefits of La Nina this season, skiing on both Bald Mountain and Dollar has been impressive, all things considered!

Happy Birthday Sun Valley & Happy Holidays to All!

A look into the past 75 years in Sun Valley:

SV Guide – Learn about the men who founded Sun Valley

Sun Valley Co Blog – Very condensed history of the past 75 years

Sun Valley in print: Van Gordon Sauter just released “The Sun Valley Story” (available at Iconoclast in Ketchum), Sun Valley Guide’s list of Books about Sun Valley/Ketchum

Visit our stores to see how far skiing has evolved since 1936!

 Harriman and Felix

Felix Schaffgotsch and Averell Harriman stand in front of Sun Valley Lodge in 1936. Photo courtesy The Community Llibrary, Regional History Department.

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