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Here at Sturtevants, we focus on bringing our customers the best brands that embrace the highest quality and technology. We also strive to bring you unique brands that are not as well-known but still meet our high standards. One of these unique brands we carry is Howler Brothers. Howler Brothers was formed by a couple of childhood friends who have a passion for surfing, fishing, and other coastal sports as well as the lifestyle elements that embrace these activities (think fire pits, really good tequila, and pre-dawn coffee).

At Sturtevants, we carry a great selection of Howler Brothers button down shirts, board shorts, hybrid shorts (technical fabric that can go directly from the water to the restaurant) hats, and tees. Howler Brothers stands out from the big brands by crafting the highest quality clothing in limited runs that draw inspiration from water based lifestyle sports, creating perfect clothing for those times when you are fishing, surfing or just enjoying a cocktail at your friends BBQ. Aside from small batch production runs and well thought out designs and materials, Howler Brothers is also known for collaborating with artists and craftsmen to create original offerings you will not see anywhere else. Above all, Howler Brothers is committed to doing things the right way, which doesn’t always mean the easy way. With their focus on honest and pure business practices and garment production, Howler Brothers is a brand that will not only make you look good, but give you the peace of mind to feel good about supporting a business that is based on integrity, passion, and making quality products that embrace the good times lifestyle. Drop on by Sturtevants to check out the Howler Brothers collection and pick up something not only cool and unique, but functional for all of your summer adventures.

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