Return of ‘The Haus’!

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To wrap up the long list of changes at Sturtevants in 2013, on December 14th we re-opened the expanded, remodeled, and renamed space ‘The Haus.’ The Haus name is an affectionate tribute to a former resident, ‘The Burger Haus’.  Many of you will recall the fast food restaurant with its treacherous drive through exit on to Main Street and its famous menu items such as The Hulk Special!

Why the name change? As a result of the sale of the Sturtevants Hailey location in May 2013, now called Sturtos Hailey, the name Sturtos went south (literally), so we needed to establish a new identity for the space more recently called Sturtos. So, we present to you, ‘The Haus’. In the winter, ‘The Rental Haus,’ the summer ‘The Cycle Haus’ or generally, ‘The Haus.’

The project added 600 square feet of floor space as it overtook the old Burger Haus Drive through. But, parking was not affected as the new square footage lived between the parking lot and building.

The opening of The Haus was a wild one! With the introduction of a new layout and a new computerized rental system it was a rapid adjustment for a staff accustomed to its old ways. But, now that the dust has settled and we can see some of the changes we need to make, there is no doubt that we will have a superior rental shop moving forward.

The goals of this project were three parts. First, we desperatley needed more room for our summer bike business. Second, we wanted to increase the capacity and improve the winter rental experience. And, finally, by pulling the rental activity out of the Main Store, we are working towards an imporved shopping experience in that building.

Check out this video of the remodel in progress last fall!