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As I write this we have received about 4″ of White Gold (aka snow) in the last four hours and it continues to fall. Since the last Adventure Source Newsletter, Sun Valley has received over 40 inches of snow!!! And, it looks as though much more is on its way!!!

Although I am no metoroligist, the prevailing Pinapple Express is the weather flow that delivers Sun Valley the most snow and it looks to be locked in that pattern for the next week or more. As oppossed to many other ski areas where the Pineapple delivers rain, our cooler climate + the pineapple = SNOW!!! And frequently lots of it.

As a result, Baldy terrain is growing and getting softer by the day with The Bowls and classics like Exhibition coming into prime form! If the snow delivers as expected (or better) I won’t be surprised if we will be skiing The South Slopes and Lower Bowls this coming week??? Fingers crossed. As most of you know, when this terrain is skiing well, Sun Valley is in the argument for the best ski area in North America!

Of course, this snow is good for our other favorite activities in The Valley as well!!! The Nordic Skiing from Ketchum North is all operating at 100% now! The backcountry, although current stability is rated ‘Considerable’ and we had a burial Out of Bounds on Baldy yesterday, has and will continue to improve immensely with the fresh snow. And, the snow fall is so important for our fisheries and water sports for the upcoming summer! Hence the term, ‘White Gold.’

So, although it was amazing how good our conditions and recreational opportunities were despite the lack of  snow, The Good Life is Back in Sun Valley!!!

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