Inside Lines: August 2016

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It’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway through summer, but with only one more month until September signals the transition towards autumn, we need to make sure our summer goals have been met. Now is the perfect time to go on that big ride, climb that peak you have been eyeing all year, or simply take a day trip to one of our area’s stunning lakes. Grab your gear, your friends and family, and head for the hills to create the type of outdoor experiences that will satisfy your soul and reconnect you to the beauty of the natural world.

Inside Lines: When the temps rise and the blazing sun is the only icon in the forecast, the lakes and rivers in the area take on a whole new meaning. These shimmering bodies of water act as oases in the summer heat, offering an invigorating jolt of energy to combat any heat –induced lethargy. Here are a couple of our favorite spots to cool off when the temps hit 90 degrees.

Big Wood River: Looking for a quick escape from the heat but can’t leave Ketchum? Check out the little swimming hole dubbed “Big Rock” right behind Big Wood Church, just upstream from the Ketchum skate park. Here you will find a refreshing little hole in the river perfect for a quick dip to soothe your overheated body.

Sawtooth Valley Lakes: You can’t beat the stunning beauty of Pettit, Alturas, and Redfish Lake. Located within a one hour drive of Ketchum, each of these lakes has something unique to offer, but all of them serve up crystal clear waters surrounded by magnificent views of the dramatic Sawtooth Mountains.

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