Fishing Report – July 30, 2012

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As it is prime time for fly fishing all over the west, following is a brief synopsis of not only the local streams, but a few other streams within striking distance. As always, we’re happy to share our latest reports, just stop by and inquire.

First, hoppers are beginning to attract attention on all waters and we all love to fish hoppers. The Big Wood is no exception, so when we’re not seeing hatch activity a hopper with or without a dropper nymph is a good way to do some prospecting. For droppers, zebra midges have been quite productive. We are seeing a mixed mayfly hatch late morning into early afternoon, primarily pink albert’s, and in the late evening the caddis hatch has been strong.

On Silver Creek the focal point has been the early morning trico hatch. The trico hatch is typically strong enough to trump any of the other mayflies that may be present. Later morning gives way to hoppers and the damsel flies are starting to produce as-well. In the evening there will likely be a mix of pmd’s and baetis for mayflies as-well-as some of the prairie caddis.

Over Trail Creek Summit in the Lost River drainage which includes the North Fork, East Fork, Wild Horse Creek, and the main stem of the Big Lost, reasonably good fishing is being reported. There’s a lot of water in this area and it generally pays to be on the move and cover as much as you can. Hoppers, stimulators, and a variety of basic mayfly patterns, with zebra midges and lightning bugs for nymphs will do fine.

The flows on the Lower Lost below Mackay reservoir have now been dropped to around 450 cfs. While considered a fishable level, this is still sporty wading. Double nymph rigs with zebra midges, stimulators to match stoneflies and craneflies, hoppers, and baetis patterns would be a few suggestions.

The South Fork of the Boise is now flowing at 1800 cfs making a boat more or less mandatory and even then it’s moving right along. Large high floating patterns like foam hoppers, stimulators, and cicadas worked along the banks will produce while floating. There’s a nice pink albert hatch happening in the mid afternoon, park the boat and work some of the side channels and seams when you see these mayflies start up. The evening caddis action can be strong in the slicks and seams as-well.

There’s a lot of good options out there right now so get out and do some fishing and stop by either of our locations in Ketchum and Hailey for the most up to date report.

Fishing Report provided by Jim Santa

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