Fishing Report – July 9, 2012

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The first suggestion I have for this week is to find some time to get out fishing on the local streams, we’re experiencing some great action and it just doesn’t get a whole lot better! The water levels on the freestone streams continue to drop and getting around is getting a bit easier. At the same time the bug activity continues to increase and the fish actively feeding.

On the Big Wood the most exciting hatch of the season, the Green Drake, is in full swing. This hatch has been going for awhile in the south and mid-valley and we should see this activity moving north and continuing for the next few days before it dissipates. The fly choices for this hatch are of course a variety of green drake patterns in sizes 10 and 12, and general mayfly attractor patterns such as parachute adams and purple haze. In addition to the drakes we’re seeing some smaller mayflies, pmd’s and pinks but the focus has been on the bigger bugs. There have also been a variety of stoneflies from the very large golden stone to the smaller yellow sallies. Yellow stimulators in sizes 10-14 will fish well for these stoneflies hatches. The best fishing has been late morning into mid afternoon right now; this will change as we move into mid-summer.

Speaking of early, this is the time to be on Silver Creek. With the warm weather we’re having and the creek’s south valley proximity the hatches are starting pretty early now. The trico hatch has now begun and although tiny, the trout just love these little mayflies. You should begin to see these bugs in good numbers starting sometime around 8 a.m. give or take an hour. You will likely see some pmd and baetis but the trico should be the primary hatch in the morning. The pmd should be the key for the late evening with caddis likely being a player in the late evening as-well. Stay through the sunset as it’s not only a spectacular event on the creek in itself, it will also be the prime evening fishing hour.

Fishing on all of our local waters is absolutely great right now so get on it. Give us a call or stop by both of our locations in Ketchum and Hailey for the latest buzz.

– Fishing Report provided by Jim Santa


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