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Product Focus: Elevenate Olin n Kendall2

Sturtevants is very excited to introduce you to its newest product line, Elevenate.

Elevenate is a ski and mountain apparel brand from Are, Sweden founded by the well-known and very respected Swedish skiing couple Sara Ronngren and Jimmy Oden. Lifelong skiers, the two spent the last twenty years based in Verbeir, Switzerland but skiing around the world as sponsored athletes, UIAGM guides, authors of guide books and product articles, and designers for a couple apparel brands. They simply define the Elevenate design philosophy as “we make clothes
that we want to wear in the mountains.”
From this couple, this is exactly what you want to hear!

I located the product at the European ski show, ISPO, in Munich, Germany last January. I was there with the specific goal of finding some unique, stylish, high quality ski apparel, not readily found in American skiing circles. When I found Elevenate, I knew it was the right product for Sun Valley locals and visitors alike! I might add that as a pure blooded Norwegian, a Swedish brand was not what I had in mind. But, validated by the hard to earn, GoreTex partnership in only its third collection, Elevenate is a technical product that is rooted in fit, quality, and simplicity BUT, what I loved even more was the fresh style, colors, and fun they bring to the mountain!


Elevenate is definitely not your typical ‘ski’ or ‘outdoor’ brand. As one of only four retailers in the United States, we imported this product ourselves. Therefore, this will almost certainly be our only shipment of product this winter, and we will not be able to place special orders without crazy costs. So, before you miss out, come into Sturtevants and check out something new and fresh that fits and works like it’s supposed to!

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