Product Focus: prAna

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product focus: prAna

productfocus-pranaFor nearly 25 years, prAna has been creating stylish and sustainably made clothes, and their new fall collection is ideal for your outdoor or around town adventures. For men, we have jeans, flannels, rugged fleece lined shirts, jackets and vests, all made with quality construction and eco-friendly materials such as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. In women’s, we feature some really cute shirts and leggings, cozy jackets, and insulated skirts, vests and wraps made with these same sustainable and durable materials. The plush fabrics used in prAna’s fall line are what make these clothes so warm and inviting, so as the temperature drops and leaves begin to turn, swing on by Sturtevants to outfit yourself with prAna’s stylish offerings.

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