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Hailey Store May 2011As you may know, as of January 1st, Sturtevants ownership changed hands. Long time owners Rob and Deb Santa sold to me, Olin Glenne (a 15 year Sturtevants employee, manager, and buyer), and my investment partner Ben Jacobson (a long time Wood River Valley home owner). Since that time, we have been making investments and tactical adjustments to enhance Sturtevants hallmark of customer service, while also working on new ways to elevate our customer’s outdoor performances and experiences. The most obvious of these improvements is ongoing with our Main Street Ketchum Location remodel but, you will see many other improvements in the months and years to come.

With these intentions for enhancements in mind for all of our locations, The Hailey Store Manager, Jeff Davis and I have agreed that his purchase of the Hailey Store is the best way to ensure the highest level of quality Customer Service, at that location, today and in the future. This decision was very difficult for me as I love the town of Hailey and feel Sturtos Hailey has a great staff, customer base, and location. But, I am also realistic that as a Ketchum resident, and owner of three Ketchum storefronts, I would not be able to give The Hailey Store the personal attention I feel a service oriented, small business, owes its customers. Further, Jeff Davis; a long time Hailey resident and local, Sturtevants Manger, and The Sturtos Hailey Staff are excited and extremely capable of delivering that service, particularly without worrying about out of town ownership.

So, the store will be named ‘Sturtos Hailey,’ and ‘Sturtevants’ will refer to the Ketchum and Warm Springs stores. Although similar in name and certainly the same heritage, the two stores will now be separately run businesses with no franchise ties.

On behalf of the teams at both Sturtevants and Sturtos Hailey, we thank you for all of your past patronage, and we look forward to providing you with the best services and products available for many, many years to come!

Thank you!
Olin Glenne

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