Fishing Report – July 5, 2013

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We’re right in the middle of prime early season fishing on Silver Creek.  Expect a mix of baetis (sometimes in substantial numbers -see attached video) and Pale Morning Dun’s.  Of course the word on every Silver Creek fisherman’s lips is “Trico’s”.  There’s a few around (not many yet), but if our HOT temperatures they could show up any day now and bring with them the insane early morning pods of feeding fish we know and love.  The evening fishing on the Preserve remains awesome with a  great mix of Caddis, PMD spinners and early evening baetis.

The Big Wood has gone off color again because of rain.  However it should clear quickly and when it does the Green Drakes should continue their awesome march upriver.  Look for them in the Ketchum area the next few days.  There are also quite a few Pink Alberts, flavs, and evening Caddis on the Wood right now.

It’s Copper Basin season, though the fishing’s been all over the map.  If you’re having a tough time up there, move around, the fish are regionally concentrated.  Expect Drakes, Golden Stones and Caddis.

Video Links:

(4th of July Baetis, Silver Creek Preserve)


(Evening Caddis and PMD’s on the Preserve)


Fishing Report by SVMG Guide Paddy McIlvoy

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