Fishing Report – September 24, 2013

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SVMG Guide Morgan Buckert at Silver Creek

SVMG Guide Morgan Buckert at Silver Creek – Photo By Paddy McIlvoy

Its fall on Silver Creek, which means two things; one, that it’s going to be beautiful down there, and two; that the fishing’s going to be great all day. Expect to see size 22-24 Baetis from mid-morning well into the afternoon.  More and more Mahogany Dun’s come out every day, and mid-afternoon Callibaetis abound.  With the brown trout starting to feel their spawning hormones kicking in, the streamer fishing can be fast and furious.  It’s a good time of year to try some spots downstream of the Preserve, the hatches move steadily upriver as the fall goes on, and you can escape some the crowds somewhat.

The reason Silver Creek’s been crowded is that the Big Wood’s been un-fishable.  It’s begun to clear up the last couple days, with decent water clarity upstream of Warm Springs.  If the Red Quills survived the mud, there should be a few around, though we’re still encouraging people to give the ‘Wood a bit of a break.

They say that “there’s fishing” and “there’s catching”, and they’re not always the same activity.  Right now, the Big Lost is a catching river.  Expect awesome, all-day activity below the Dam as fish stock up for winter.  Try a Zebra Midge or Baetis nymph.  Come into Sturtevants for advice to keep your line tight all day long.

– By SVMG Guide Paddy McIlvoy

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