Powder Highway 2013 Dispatch # 1 Sun Valley

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Sun Valley, Idaho; Photograph by Will Wissman

Sun Valley, Idaho; Photograph by Will Wissman

There is nothing like a good road trip to set the mind free. “Hitting the open road in search of adventure is a part of the American Dream,” said Pat Bauman, an original member of the K2 Performers. In the early 1970s, Bauman teamed up with local Sun Valley skiers—John Clendenin, Charley McWilliams, Jim Stelling—to tour the country in a flashy, red-white-and-blue motor home with the intent of showing people just how much fun it can be to strap a pair of skis to your feet. Inspired by this original band of skiers, a new generation of Eddie Bauer guides and athletes start their own road trip and head north into Canada to search for perfect conditions along the infamous Powder Highway.

Read the full article by Sun Valley local Zach Christ on National Geographic’s Adventure Blog!

Powder Highway Dispatch # 1 Sun Valley from Stellar Media on Vimeo.

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