The Second Law of Fly Tying

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The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that entropy in the universe is ever increasing.  Nowhere is this truer than fly fishing.  We start with a simple equation; (fisherman + fish).  If only it ended there.  Quickly, we add more and more variables: water, wind, weather, insects, and on and on, all the way to the subtle push of an emerging … Read More

Fishing Report – September 12, 2012

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With Labor Day now behind us and a noticeable drop in the overnight temps it’s beginning to feel a bit more like fall. With the cooler overnight lows and subsequent cooler mornings the good fishing will continue to move to later morning and into early afternoon. The predominant hatches will consolidate into this window and with the fish sensing a … Read More

Fishing Report – August 27, 2012

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While we continue to deal some smoky days here in the Wood River Valley fishing is one activity that is certainly not affected, the fish have no idea it’s smoky. In fact, the hazy skies may actually enhance fishing. The smoke has been variable, so we’ll have clear skies off and on as the winds change. As heavy exertion is … Read More

Fishing Report – July 30, 2012

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As it is prime time for fly fishing all over the west, following is a brief synopsis of not only the local streams, but a few other streams within striking distance. As always, we’re happy to share our latest reports, just stop by and inquire. First, hoppers are beginning to attract attention on all waters and we all love to … Read More

Fishing Report – July 23, 2012

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Its prime time for fishing in the Wood River Valley and the fishing is good. All of our waters are in great shape. The mornings and evenings are cool and comfortable and wet wading in the afternoon on our local streams is a refreshing option. On the Big Wood we are seeing a mix of medium size mayflies, mostly pinks … Read More

Fishing Report – July 16, 2012

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Welcome to prime summertime fishing in the Wood River Valley. We’ve had ample bug activity, our fisheries are healthy, and fish are on the bite. If this isn’t incentive enough, call for a tee time and go play some golf. Seriously, here are some details on the local action. Let’s head down to Silver Creek first. It’s the time of … Read More

Fishing Report – July 9, 2012

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The first suggestion I have for this week is to find some time to get out fishing on the local streams, we’re experiencing some great action and it just doesn’t get a whole lot better! The water levels on the freestone streams continue to drop and getting around is getting a bit easier. At the same time the bug activity … Read More

Fishing Report – June 29, 2012

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As we enter the month of July we find good fishing to be right on schedule. We typically look at July 1st as a marker for reasonable water levels on our local freestone streams and 2012 is no exception. The Big Wood and it’s tributaries as-well-as the streams in the Big Lost drainage are all starting to look very good … Read More

Weekly FREE Fly Casting Clinics start TONIGHT!

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Free weekly Fly-Casting Clinics with Sturtevants Mountain Outfitters’ guides start TONIGHT!  All abilities welcome! Come for an introduction to fly casting or work to perfect your arc with SMO’s expert fly-fishing guides. Tuesday nights 6-7pm, Atkinson’s Park in Ketchum. No pre-registration required, bring your rod!