2013 Baldy Hill Climb – NOTE DATE CHANGE

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Saturday, Sept 28, 2013  NEW DATE! Saturday, October 12th! LAST DAY TO REGISTER at Sturtevants or on Spondoro.com – THURSDAY, Oct 10 @ 5 pm!  There will be no race day registration. One Big Mountain – 5 Awesome Events! Hiking * Running * Biking * The Cheeso Double (bike & hike) * The Kinderclimb (age 11 and under) $100 Cash … Read More

Fishing Report – August 28, 2013

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Large portions of the Big Wood may re-open this week, and if that happens, fisherman will find the water very low and clear.  Low and clear doesn’t mean un-fish able, in fact, it can mean really concentrated fish.  However they’ll be spooky and tougher than normal to fool.  Try a long, light leader, smaller fly, and a cautious approach. Even … Read More

Fishing Report – August 12, 2013

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The Big Wood’s precipitous fall in flows has evened out, and the river is at an amazing level for fishing – enough water to have nice fish-holding seams and riffles, and deep, green pools.  There’s a fair number of early morning Trico’s on the ‘Wood, though the fish are as likely to eat a size 14 or 16 Pink Albert … Read More


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October 4th @ 6:00 pm – Sherpas Cinema ‘Into The Mind’ screening & party! In celebration of the upcoming winter season, Sturtevants has teamed up with Sherpas Cinema for a pre-season party and an exclusive screening of their latest film, ‘Into The Mind!’  Entry to the film and party only $15 for adults, $10 for kids.  Tickets available at Sturtevants … Read More

Fishing Report – June 29, 2013

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The weather may be cooling down a bit, but the fishing is staying hot! Dawn is bringing out huge clouds of tricos on silver creek from point of rocks, all the way to the top of the preserve, with a good mix of pmd’s and baetis thrown in.  Stay out into the afternoon for damsel-flies and hoppers.  There’s still great … Read More

Fishing Report – July 22, 2013

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It’s summer. Full on, bright, hot summer. The heat brings with it some of the most anticipated hatches of the season, and the greatest variety of quality fishing. The Big Wood is best early and late in the day. Though there are Pink Albert’s Flavs, and (the first few) Trico’s hatching, this is the season for classic attractor pattern dry/dropper … Read More

Fishing Report – July 5, 2013

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We’re right in the middle of prime early season fishing on Silver Creek.  Expect a mix of baetis (sometimes in substantial numbers -see attached video) and Pale Morning Dun’s.  Of course the word on every Silver Creek fisherman’s lips is “Trico’s”.  There’s a few around (not many yet), but if our HOT temperatures they could show up any day now … Read More