Fishing Report August 6th – By Paddy McIlvoy

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      The Trico-swarm madness continues on Silver Creek.  If you’ve never seen a hatch so dense you can hear the insect’s wings, this is your chance.  Right now, the majority of the hatch is centered on the Silver Creek Preserve, with variable to weak hatches on the Double R Ranch, and the downstream stretches of the creek.  There are still PMD’s mid morning though the bugs are getting smaller – try a size 18.  There is a great Baetis hatch mixed in with the Tricos and PMD’s and sometimes a small Baetis spinner is just the ticket for super picky poded- up fish.

The Big Wood is holding strong, with spring-fed flow keeping the river from dropping too low.  There are Golden Stoneflies about, you’ll never see tons of them, but a stimulator type pattern can bring some fish to the surface, as can the ever popular Purple PMX.  Lower water and bright light can necessitate lighter leaders and tippet on the Big Wood in August, so if you’re getting rejections, downsize.

The Lower Lost is dropping to a very wadeable level, and thousands of feisty Rainbow’s a mile, in a small river, is a great recipe for fun.  Look for morning tricos and fish eating them tight to the banks, though the main show will be craneflies and midge pupa.  In the deeper water, a tungsten San Juan Worm will tempt some of the more reluctant bottom-hugging fish.

August is a great time to explore.  Consider taking a light rod and a dozen of your favorite dry attractor patterns to one of our many small creeks and go exploring.  Embrace your inner 10 year old, wade right up the middle of the stream and go hunting, you might like what you find.

Check out this link to our Vimeo page to watch a short clip of Silver Creek Preserve.

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